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We are the leading manufacturer and distributor
of tailor-made paper dummy frames for the semiconductor industry.

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As one of the fastest growing companies in the semiconductor industry, we engage in custom-made manufacturing and trading products.

Trading Products

Mold Cleaning Compound

For your total cleaning solution.

Bearings & Automation Parts

Support efficient machine operation.

Rubber Products

Useful rubber products for industrial purposes.

Hand Brushes

Specially designed for cleaning various surfaces.

Manufacturing Products

Paper Dummy Frame

Substitute metal lead frames in mold cleaning processes.

Interleaf Paper

Separates molded substrates in the post cure process.

Protection Sheet

Covers mold vacuum holes during mold cleaning.

About Us

Pen-Mei Technology Sdn Bhd

We have grown exponentially since our establishment in 1993, as the leading distributor of paper dummy frames to semiconductor industries. We specialise in providing both paper frame and melamine cleaning compounds, placing emphasis on quality assurance and excellent service.
  • Produce custom-manufactured paper dummy frames
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified company since 2009
  • One of the largest player in semiconductor industry, supplying both local and overseas market

We strive to create semiconductor tools and parts that meet your expectation for effective application

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