Our Specialisation

Pioneer in Custom-manufactured Paper Dummy Frame

Pen-Mei Technology Sdn Bhd was established in November 1993 as a distributor of paper lead frames and machinery automation parts such as bearings and shafts. By 1995, the Company has developed our own exclusive customisable paper dummy frame for mold cleaning purposes.

Paper lead frame is a unique product specially designed to substitute conventional metal lead frame or substrate for cost-reduction in mold cleaning process.

It is intentionally developed for mold cleaning, conditioning and dummy molding, usually for molds that are used in transfer encapsulating of electric and electronic components by means of epoxy molding compounds.

Customisable paper lead frames

Does not require change
for molding temperature and parameters

Specialise Cleaning Design
increases cleaning effectiveness in hard-to-reach areas

and thus safe to use

Costing Considerations

When placing orders for your custom-manufactured paper dummy frames, keep in mind these considerations when it comes to cost-budgeting:

Material Properties

Paper Type  What type of paper do you need? Thick, thin, or laminated?
Frame Dimension What is the size of the paper frame?
Paper Thickness How many layers will the paper frame be?
Unit per Frame How complex is the frame?
Process  How much labour and time is needed to complete the job?
Tooling Cost What tool is required, ie. Hard tool or soft tool?


Soft Tool vs Hard Tool

Soft Tool Hard Tool
Lower cost (amortised to per strip) High cost (amortised to first 30kstps)
Higher cost per strip Lower cost in the long run
For low volume production (few 100s) For high volume production (few 1000s)
Involves more processes (3 or 4) Less processes
Longer lead time (due to the process) Shorter lead time (after initial set-up)
More burr (due to manual process) Minimum burr with higher accuracy

Design Requirements

When customising paper frames, we require the following materials and samples:

Minimum Design Requirements

Lead Frame Drawing & Thickness

Position of guide pin holes for loader and mold

Optional Design Requirements

Mold chase drawing or imprint (for multiple strips type)

Dummy frame and molded dummy frame